b'enforcestandardsorregulationsaff ectingThe PVA Regulatory and the PVA Safety andWhat employers the occupational safety and health of seamenSecurity Committees will monitor and respond aboard inspected vessels. to this ANPRM as developments dictate. Thedo know is that membershipwillbekeptinformedthroughmaintaining the The MOU continues on to articulate OSHAsperiodicMemberUpdatesandarticlesin broad authority for work place safety under thethe FOGHORN. safety and health Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Actof the work staffof 1970 to ensure safe and healthful working conditions. Section 4(b)(1) of the OSH Actis important.defi nestherelationshipbetweenOSHA and other federal agencies, such as the Coast Guard,thathavestatutoryresponsibilities that may aff ect occupational safety and health. The operative sentence states thatbased on OSHAsinterpretationofSection4(b)(1), and as a result of the Coast Guards exercise of its authority described above, OSHA has concluded that it may not enforce the OSH Actwithrespecttoworkingconditionsof seamen aboard inspected vessels.The ultimate results of this ANPRM leading to a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) and any fi nal rule (FR) may require a review of the OSHA and Coast Guard MOU. That may not be necessary depending on the complexity and span of the FR. We do know the FR stage can be years in its development.Whatemployersdoknow,andparticularly inthistimeofashortageofworkers,is thatmaintainingthesafetyandhealth oftheworkstaff isimportant.Itisfar simplerandmorecosteff ectivetokeep whatyouhaveratherthantotryandseek replacement employees. POWER TO KEEP ThisFederalRegisternoticedoeshave anexcellentdiscussiononkeyissuesinYOU MOVINGoccupationalheat-relatedillness.PartIII that starts at 86 FR 59318 would be usefulWithouruncompromisingstandards,putting inanyemployersreviewoftheircurrentperformance and reliability at the heart of every-companyhealthandsafetyguidanceor standards. More importantly, in the absencething we do, HamiltonJet deliver waterjet systems of such guidance or standards the ANPRMto keep your operation moving.discussioncanprovidethematerialfor acomprehensiveself-assessmentofthe needforandthecontentsofacompany guidance document.NOVEMBER 2021 29 REGULATORY REPORT'