b'AN UNFORESEEN EMAILassistant.ShetoldmethattheAdmiralto this day. The moral to the story is to take TO THE COAST GUARD was just called away and she did not knowa breath before you hit reply. Thenextstoryisreallyaboutmeandonewhen he would return. So, I waited. I was whichPVAmembersarenotaware.Itnot going to leave until I was able to meetI am pleased with PVAs direction today. occurred as PVA staffand volunteers workedwith the Admiral. He arrived about 2-1/2Our association is doing well under John withtheU.S.CoastGuardtodevelopthehourslaterandapologizedforkeepingGroundwaterandhisteamandweare PVAAlternateSecurityProgram(ASP)andme waiting. He asked me,Alan, why arein good shape to keep going many more negotiations became heated. PVA staffpersonyou here? I explained that I was there toyears.PVAiswellrespectedbymany Beth Gedney was taking the lead in negotiatingapologize to him for my email, that I diddiff erentindustriesandassociations with the Coast Guard and in coordinating PVAnot mean what I said, and did not intend toand,mostimportantly,onCapitolHill memberparticipationandinputduringthisinsult the Coast Guard in any way. He saidwiththefederalregulatoryagencies, process. Beth sent an email to the PVA memberto meAlan, if you are an Admiral in theincludingtheCoastGuard.Iamproud working group and the Coast Guard outliningUnited States Coast Guard, you have beenofourassociationshistoryandam PVAs requests for the ASP. Unfortunately, thecalled a lot worse than what you wrote inequallyproudtobealongstanding Coast Guard was unwilling to bend on some ofyour email. He and I remain good friendsPVA member.our requests and replied so in an email to all of us. They were dug in on some key points which we felt should be easy decisions. I was infuriated by this and quickly wrote a frustrated response, inadvertentlyhittingreplyall(which,in hindsight, I do not recommend that anyone shoulddo)insteadofreplyingonlytoour group.Whileonthesurfacethatmaynot appear to have been a big deal, in the heat of the moment I included some choice words in my email. Beth and John Groundwater received the mail and called me immediately to tell me what I had done. I was mortifi ed. Beth and John suggested that I travel to Coast Guard headquarters to mend fences as soon as possible. I told them that I would be on the fi rst fl ight in the morning to Washington. I had an appointment at 1 p.m. with the Admiral to explain what I was really trying to say. I arrived at his office about 15 minutesearlyandintroducedmyselftohis About the Author: ALAN BERNSTEINBB RIVERBOATS, NEWPORT, KYCaptain Bernsteins career began in 1970 as a deckhand. Alan and his father began the process of locating a vessel to start a new business,BBRiverboats.In1981,Alan received his fi rst Masters license and has sinceupgraded.BBRiverboatsoperates twoCoastGuard-inspectedriverboats. Bernstein was elected to the PVA Board of Directors in 1982, served as president in1988,andcontinuestobeanactive member. He serves on the Convention Site Selection Committee.NOVEMBER 2021 23 PVA AT 50'