b'Photo by Burak Kebapci from PexelsBuilding For aPVA AT 50Strong TomorrowBY ALAN BERNSTEIN // BB RIVERBOATS, NEWPORT, KY.T he following article is the second portion of a two-part seriesPVA-ENDORSED INSURANCE PROGRAM ANNOUNCEDwritten by Alan Bernstein, BB Riverboats, Newport, Ky. TheThe next big event in the evolution of PVA was the development of fi agroupmarineinsuranceprogramwhichwouldbeadministeredrst part ran in the September issue of FOGHORN. by Aon. Terry MacRae, of Hornblower, was key in negotiating the PVA HIRES ITS FIRST EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR main elements of this important new program. If you will recall, one In the 1980s, PVA was growing but at a slow pace, both in terms of addingof the reasons for PVAs founding was to help members get good new members and fi nancially. As a result, the PVA Board of Directorsandreasonably-pricedmarineinsurance,andthisnewprogram decided that it needed to chart a new course for our association, andreallyproducedforPVAmembers.Italsoprovidedacommission this meant hiring our fi rst paid staffpersontoPVAwhichwasplowedbacktomembersin despiteamodestbalanceinthePVAnewprogramsandotherbenefi ts.Thisendorsed checkbook. Our fi Executive DirectorThe hotel calledinsuranceprogramlastedmorethantwentyrst was an Ex-Coasty, Phil Danahey, who hadand said thatyearsandwasanimportantassociationprogram plenty of energy, as well as good leadershipfor members. skills,buthelackedtheexperiencewe had to move tomarketandmanageasmall,butbecause a groupPVAS NEXT EXECUTIVE DIRECTORgrowing association.Thisbringsmetothemid-1990swhenJohn with the initials NFLGroundwaterappliedforthepositionforPVA PVA HIRES AN ASSOCIATIONexecutive director. John and his wife, Susan, joined MANAGEMENT GROUP needed our space.thePVABoardofDirectorsfordinnersothat Afterseveralyears,itbecameclearthatWell, it appearedboard members could meet this executive director PVA needed new management and a newcandidate.IfIremembercorrectly,thedinner direction.Reactingtothisneed,thenthat our riverboatwas held at The Orleans House in Arlington, VA. PVA President Gordon Stevens, of Newhad landed. The dinner location was appropriate because the OrleansSteamboatCompany,hiredtherestaurant was decorated in such a way as to give Kelsey Group, an association managementdiners the impression that they were riding aboard fi a Mississippi riverboat. This gentleman and his wife were young andrm in Washington, D.C., that was being led by Eric Scharf, to manage our association. Even though at the time we were still struggling withenergetic (John had dark brown hair back then) and they both seemed fi like a good fi t for PVA. So, John became our next executive director,nances, PVA was beginning to show signs of growth and we could see that our work might just be paying off .which brings us to more recent times.SUPERBOWL DILEMMA HAS SILVER LINING ALLOCATING ASSOCIATION EXPENSESAs we entered the 1990s, things were going well for PVA, but we wereNow, before we leave the middle years of PVA, I have a few stories just holding our own. Two big events would change things for thethat I would like to share. First, as John started his tenure with our better. First, we had booked an annual convention in New Orleans,association he brought in Lee Hill, who is still with us today, to overhaul but somehow the person at the New Orleans CVB didnt know theand upgrade PVAs accounting system and practices. John and Lee Superbowl was also booked at the same time. The hotel called and saidinstituted annual association fi nancial audits and made regular reports that we had to move because a group with the initials NFL needed ourto the PVA Board of Directors. One of the new accounting practices, space. While this initially came as a huge shock, the pain of this requestwhichinitiallycausedsomeconfusion,wasallocatingexpenses subsided because a cancellation clause in our contract provided for ato projects and activities such as the convention. In an impromptu sizeable payment from the hotel to PVA for damages related to theirmeeting with Mike Borgstrom, Wendella Sightseeing Boats, and me, early cancellation. Well, it appeared that ourriverboat had landedJohn explained that the percentage allocations never changed, and it is a and this payment provided the seed money that would allow PVA toway to measure fi nancial success, or failure, by project and not voodoo become fi nancially stable and permitted it to begin expanding serviceseconomics. Everything was explained and we still use the same practice to PVA members.of allocating expenses today. PVA AT 50 22 FOGHORN'