b'Photo by Mayank Baranwal on UnsplashFOGHORN FOCUSWelcoming Customers BackBY SARAH FERRETTIT he pandemic has, in many ways, comecompanies have revised schedules to work withduringthemiddleofweekdaysandalso to defi ne the way business is conducted.changes in popular ride times, discounted costs,added more trips to weekend routes. Navigatingthroughmandatesandandcommunicatedsafetymeasurestohelp restrictions, supply chain issues, crew shortages,people feel comfortable.With the change in types of riders and many andcustomerssenseofsafetyhasbeenpeople facing economic hardships, reducing challengingtosaytheleast.FerryandcruiseTheregularnine-to-fi vecommuterrushesfares was another method adopted by ferry operators across the country have risen to thesubsided as businesses converted to work-from- companiestomeetcustomersshifting occasion, fi nding ways to safely reopen to servehome models. The core ridership transitionedneeds.Insomecities,operatorsbrought the communities that rely on them, and doingtoshiftworkers,medicalprofessionals,andfaresdowntomatchlocaltransitsystems sowhileprovidingthequalityofexperienceessentialpersonnel,allofwhomoftentravelinordertobemorecompetitive.PVA which passengers expect.outside the traditional rush hours. People alsomember San Francisco Bay Water Emergency turned to ferries for leisure trips to get out ofTransportation Authority (WETA) changed As restrictions began to ease, travel by boat wastheirhousesandreconnectwiththeircitiesto a zone system for fares, discounting rates in anappealingoptionwiththeabilitytoridewithout using enclosed transit like buses. Ferrysome cases by up to thirty percent. The new outsideinopenairversusbeinginsideonaoperators scaled back their usual morning andpricing will remain in place through the end of bus, subway, or train. To best serve customers,evening commutes and increased trip frequencyJune 30, 2022. Focusing on peoples needs is the keystone ofcustomersatisfaction.Adjustmentsto We take the heat,schedulesandpricingweretwowaysthat ferryoperatorscoulddojustthat.Both so you dont have to. modifi cations were found to be eff ective ways to aid in bringing back existing customers Cool. Because you need it. We deliver cool based on your reality. So no matter where you operate, hot daysandreachingnewriders.Peoplefoundin and heavy loads will never slow you down.ferriessafeandaff ordabletransportation atthetimestheyneeded.Suchsignifi cant changes to business will, in many cases, be re-evaluated in the new year as more companies require employees to return to the office place and people continue moving back towards pre-pandemic habits. GRIDCOOLERWEKAMakingcustomersfeelsafehasbeen Keel Cooler Boxcooler moreimportantthaneverandclear communicationregardinghealthand safety measures is a core component in this fernstrum.com| 1.906.863.5553| sales@fernstrum.com ISO 9001:2015 endeavor.Includingmessaginginemails,2021 R.W. Fernstrum & Company. All rights reserved. FERNSTRUM and GRIDCOOLER are registered trademarks of R.W. Fernstrum & Company. All other trademarks cited are the property of their respective owners.FOGHORN FOCUS: CUSTOMER SERVICE 18 FOGHORN'