b'the propulsion drives will respond immediately to ensure that thebatteries and the DC/AC converters that are used to power the remaining power sources on the DC bus are not overloaded. propulsionmotorsandtheDC/ACconvertersthatareusedto power the AC Power distribution systems.EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN OF POWER TRANSFERThe ability to stop the power transfer will be available by meansWhentheDCbusvoltagedrivenbytheshore-sideconnection of push buttons located at strategic locations on the vessel and onrises above a threshold, each battery DC/DC converter will begin the shore. This emergency stop circuit will also be used by controlto charge the batteries based on the unique requirements of that devices that can detect anomalies automatically and shut down theparticular battery bank. As shown in the schematic diagram there system based on programs designed to protect the equipment. are multiple battery banks confi gured with their own DC to DC Power converters. These DC/DC power converters will regulate the START UP A POWER TRANSFER power transfer from the DC bus to the batteries based on the battery After the connection has been established the shore power will, ascondition. Details of the charging algorithm are provided during the previously noted, establish a voltage on the power transfer circuitconstruction design phase of the project. If the charging capacity of basedontheshorepowersystemcapability.Thevessel-basedthe shore power equipment reaches its maximum, the equipment equipment will monitor this voltage and set the voltage on the DCon the vessel will maintain or reduce its charging current to within bus on the vessel to the same voltage as that being provided by thethecapabilityoftheshorepowerequipment.Thistechnology shore power circuit. When these voltages are the same (within aallows the shore power equipment to operate in a degraded state. It defi ned window) the power connection will be made by means ofis understood that it is not required to operate in a degraded state, semiconductor switches and the shore power connection DC bushowever, the Thrustmaster charging technology allows this.will be coupled to the vessel DC bus. The two independent busses on the vessel will engage and charge independently from each other. ThrustmasterofTexas,Inc.isanAmericanmanufacturerof thrustersandassociatedmarinepropulsionsequipment.The CHARGING THE VESSEL BATTERIES company is based in Houston, Texas and has been designing and The vessel DC bus voltage is monitored by all the devices connectedsupplying thrusters to vessel operators all over the world since its to that DC bus including the DC/DC converters that connect thefounding in 1984.IMPROVE YOUR OPERATIONSAutomatic interceptor trim tab systems.Your new fuel saver.Our ACTIVE interceptor system lowers roll and slamming by up to 50%. It also reduces resistance. That means lower fuel consumption and less CO emissions. Easy to install, easy to operate. PremiumBENEFITStechnology at affordable pricing. IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY, UP TO 25%Made of composite materials for corrosion resistance and optimumFASTER ACCELERATIONperformance, Humphree Interceptor tabs are electric powered (12 or 24 volt)IMPROVED VISIBILITY AND SPEEDand made for a clean transom installation with no aft overhang to contend withLESS ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTaround docks or gear. For any commercial Vessel, 25 feet and up. UP TO 50% LESS ROLL MOTIONSHUMPHREE CONTACTSSean Berrie Phone: 757 374 9435Brett Marshall Phone: 757 374 9720 www.humphree.comNOVEMBER 2021 15 FOGHORN FOCUS: CUSTOMER SERVICE'