b'MAKING THE CONNECTION This safety feature ensures that equipmentAlthoughthismayseemcounterintuitive, Controloftheelectricalconnectionwillbedamage or deterioration that occurs whenit provides a convenient way of testing the primarilydonefromthewheelhouseofthethe connection is disconnected is detectedbatteries without wasting energy discharging ferryboat. Theautomatedconnectionwillbeforepowerisapplied,preventingthatthem into propulsion loads. allow the vessel crew to initiate the engagementthefaultpropagatestomoreserious of the charging connection quickly and safelyfailure conditions.Throughout the life of the vessel, this feature without interfering with other operations onis considered a signifi cant advantage and asset the vessel.This feature is considered a signifi cant assetin equipment verifi cation and validation.in equipment protection throughout the life Theelectricalconnectionwillmechanicallyof the vessel. After connection is established, the power establish low voltage signal devices containedtransfer will be regulated by control loops in the connector. After these low voltage signalMAIN CHARGING POWER TRANSFER both on the shore side and on the vessel side devicesindicatethatthehealthymechanicalThe Thrustmaster power transfer technologyof the circuit. The shore side will regulate connectionisachieved,thecontrolsystemallowsbidirectionalpowertransfer.thevoltageontheDCconnectionusing willmeasuretheimpedanceofthemain powerconnection.Thisisaproprietary innovation that ensures the health of the main powerconductorsandconnectorspriorto the application of high voltage high current powersources,i.e.DCpowerconverters. This impedance measurement is a signifi cant strength.Animpedancemeasurementcan detectfailuresinthecompletecableloop between the vessel and the shore-side power systems before main power is supplied. Faults such as a high resistance connection, a ground connection, or other anomaly will be detected. The use of an impedance check confi rms that notonlyisthepowerconnectionproperly made,butitalsovalidatestheentirepower transfer circuit. If the impedance of the circuit isnotaspredictedbythemathmodel,the main power will not be applied and an alarm condition will be set.NOVEMBER 2021 13 FOGHORN FOCUS: CUSTOMER SERVICE'